How It's Made

Steak being seasoned


Our grass-fed steak starts with an umami-rich roasted garlic spice blend


Steak being grilled and cut


Our caramelized garlic steak is then cooked low and slow before getting seared in-store


Steak chunks covered in herbs


To bring it all together, it’s tossed with extra virgin olive oil and herbs


Ranch to Table

As one of our most highly requested additions, we are proud to introduce our caramelized garlic steak. Finding the Sweetgreen way to source steak in our restaurants took time, but we believe that doing it the right way is the only way.

In choosing our trusted partners, we focused on finding a set of farmers to provide us with 100% grass-fed, pasture-raised steak. This means that the cow spent its entire life grazing on grass, just as nature intended. 

Cuts of caramelized garlic steak on a cutting board

"Sweetgreen added steak to thee menu and it's schmacktastic"

5 stars
A blue sky with farm in the distance

Meet the Menu

Caramelized Garlic Steak Protein Plate
Kale Caesar with Steak
Steakhouse Chopped Bowl

Caramelized Garlic Steak

Steakhouse Chopped

Kale Caesar (Steak)

A seriously hearty serving featuring spicy broccoli and pesto vinaigrette.

An instant favorite with blue cheese, green goddess ranch and crispy onions.  

A classic featuring caesar, shaved + crispy parm that speaks for itself.

A hex-shaped plate with rice, broccoli, steak, and tomatoes

Introducing Caramelized Garlic Steak
at Sweetgreen

Grass-fed, pasture-raised

When it comes to caramelized garlic steak, we 
really take our time. The result? Tender bites packed with flavor.

Many cows grazing on a farm with green grass fields

Why It Matters

With principles rooted in regenerative agriculture, the practice of pasture-raising not only contributes to soil health and makes the land more resilient to flooding and drought, but can boost nutrient content and flavor as well.

Grass-fed, pasture-raised steak is not only regarded as high quality, nutrient-dense and flavorful, but also as one of the gentlest ways to raise cattle on the planet. And that means the world to us.

A field of lettuce
Cows grazing in a field

Our Promise

Raising cattle will never be perfect, but Sweetgreen has never shied away from
a challenge. We believe that changing the
food starts from the inside out and this is
just the beginning. With our passion and your support, we know we can make a difference. Even with steak.

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